The following information is for PCSAR Supervisors ONLY.  It will not work for Non-Supervisors.

How to send a message from an internet connected computer or tablet:


Enter your Username and Password and login

Select the box beside the group you want to send a message to

Enter your message

Enter your Name and Radio Number in the “Message suffix” box

Click “Send your message” button at the bottom

The following are the available commands for the messaging system to be issued from your mobile phone to the number that you receive team call-out texts from

[send group 1]

Sends a message to the PCSAR group which includes all current members of PCSAR including the Supervisors.

Example command:  [send group 1] This is a test message | Wes SAR6

Message that is received:  This is a test message | Daniel SAR4

* Important: the [  ] brackets are required for the command to work.

** You will need to add your Name and Radio Number to the end of your message as this is not automatically attached.  Your phone’s messaging app may contain the ability to add your signature to your outgoing messages.

[send group 2]

Sends a message to the SUPERVISORS group.  This only includes the Supervisors and no one else.

[get groups]

Lists all the available groups that are on the system.

[get group 1 john] or [get group 1 tom] or any other name

This command will return the Name, Radio Number and Phone Number of the members with the name entered.

This system allows the recipient to reply to the message that is sent out.  Reply’s will include the senders Name, Radio Number and Phone Number before their message.  It will also include (DNR) at the end to remind you that you cannot reply to their message.  This reply message is only sent to the Supervisors at this time.